This site is dedicated to the huge amount of abandoned state hospital's in America.  You will find a variety of photographs,  postcards, links, and books that I have compiled over a 3 year period.  All of the photographs where taken by me except for the Worcester Asylum Fire pictures.  I have been to 30 asylums in several state in the east some partailly abandoned some completly abandoned by state's in America.  The beauty of these buildings go greatly unnoticed due to the nature of there use.
Taunton State Hospital
Photographs of the partly abandoned insane asylum in Taunton, Massachusetts.  Contains some postcard images and real photographs of this historic institution in southeastern Massachusetts.
King's Park State Hospital
Many photographs of this Long Island hospital completly abandoned by the state of New York.  Contains real photographs, some postcards, and links to other site about this site.
Other Stuff
Worcester State Hospital
Some photographs of a historic asylum in Worcester, Massachusetts. Abandoned and partly destroyed by fire.  A very well built example of a "Kirkbride" asylum.  It is one of the oldest in Massachusetts.
Typical "Kirkbride" Asylum
Independence State Hospital, Iowa
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Buffalo State Hospital
Also known as Buffalo Psychiatric Center it is one of my favorite asylums to date.  This structure is grand and beautiful, its like a castle.  The asylum grounds are free to walk around with no problems.  Enjoy!!
Credit: State Archives of Michigan
Flood at Traverse City State Hospital, Michigan
Credit: State Archives of Michigan
Geriatric, Building 33
Taverse City State Hospital, Michigan
Traverse City State Hospital
This asylum is very interesting and its the one that inspired me to photograph and visit the asylums I have.  The grounds are free to walk around and sometimes they have tours of the main buildings. Check some of the other sites for info...
Asylum Links
This page contains links to other asylum sites from my travels of the internet.  Check it out periodically as I will be adding more in the future.
Pennhurst State School and Hospital Closed over twenty years ago this insitution has sat abandoned and poorly maintained.  Mostly used to care for the developmentally disabled.  Located in Spring City, PA.
Milledgeville State Hospital
Located in central Georgia this large institution now has several prisons, a veterans home, and a museum along with the still running state hospital.
Worcester State Hospital Fire
Contains pictures of the fire damage done sometime ago.  Pictures taken before most of the building was torn down due to fire.
Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane
Philadelphia, PA
Last Months Link of the Month
Dixmont Insane Asylum - Many photographs of the endangered state hospital near Pittsburgh, PA.  The word is going around that this historic asylum is about to disappear and be replaced by a Walmart. 
The Book List
This collection of mental hospital related books are from my personal library.  Many are very interesting and informative.  If you need more info E-mail me.
Link of the Month
Chicago Urban Exploration - A very good  site about two asylums and other various places in Illinois.  Put together by Urban Explorers at there best.  Lots of pictures and a very good story to go along with them. Check it out!!
Philadelphia State Hospital
This Northeast Philadelphia asylum was once a city operated hospital.  Taken over by the state in 1938.  It has been abandoned for over 12 years.  It was closed do to deplorable conditions.  Also known as Byberry.
More Photographs
Fairfield State Hospital
My newest and largest addition of photographs.  These hospitals are located in Connecticut.  Lots of color and black & white photos.  Check it out!!
Asylum Postcards
By popular demand here is my postcard collection.  I have add all of my postcards but I will be adding more as I get them.  Please check back!!
Norwich State Hospital
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Asylum Photographs
Asylum Postcards
Asylum Forum
The all new forum.  Feel free to post asylum related questions and information!!
Asylum Artifacts
These are things that I have collected over the years. From pins to spoons I hope you enjoy them
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